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Israel-Hamas War: Israel Expands Ground Operations ‘All Across the Gaza Strip’

Palestinians inspecting damage in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, early on Monday.

A Prison at War: The Convicts Sustaining Putin’s Invasion

Will COP28’s Climate Fund Promises Become a Reality?

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke on Saturday at the COP28 summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Striving to Live a ‘Dignified Existence’ as Squatters in Johannesburg

Residents of a derelict building on Davies Street in Johannesburg in September. Owners of this and other similar buildings are asking a court to evict hundreds of desperate dwellers who say they can’t afford to go anywhere else.

What We Know About Sexual Violence During the Oct. 7 Attacks on Israel

Investigators have gathered “tens of thousands” of testimonies of sexual violence committed by Hamas on Oct. 7, according to the Israeli police, including at the site of a music festival that was attacked.

The Wild Card in Taiwan’s Election: Frustrated Young Voters

Zhongshan District in Taipei, Taiwan. Many voters on the island, especially those in their 20s and 30s, say they are weary of geopolitics and yearn for a campaign more focused on their needs at home.

Militant Rocket Hit Base Linked to Israeli Nuclear Missile Program

White House Warns Congress That Weapons Money for Ukraine Will Run Out

Ukrainian soldiers with the 22nd Mechanized Brigade firing at Russian positions in the direction of Bakhmut last week.

Agnes Chow, a Hong Kong Activist, Not Likely to Return from Canada

Agnes Chow, a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, being arrested by police at her home in Tai Po, Hong Kong, in August 2020.

Volcanic Eruption Kills at Least 11 Hikers in Indonesia

A farmer in West Sumatra Province in Indonesia on Monday, with Mount Marapi in the distance.

5 Bodies Found After Days-Long Search for U.S. Military Osprey in Japan

A floating object believed to belong to the U.S. military aircraft V-22 Osprey that crashed into the sea, off Yakushima Island, last week.

Kiwi Eggs Hatch in the Wild Near New Zealand’s Capital

Israeli Mothers Knew Their Sons Would Serve. But They Didn’t Expect War.

Mothers of Israeli soldiers praying and making challah together in Jerusalem last month.

Paris Attack Suspect Pledged Allegiance to Islamic State

French forensic policemen in Paris early Sunday following a knife attack.

Netanyahu’s Corruption Trial Resumes Amid War

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel in Tel Aviv in October. He has been on trial since 2020.

Monday Briefing

Residents of Khan Younis in southern Gaza fleeing their homes.

Israel Orders Southern Gaza Residents to Evacuate

An Israeli airstrike left a crater on Sunday in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Monday Briefing: Big State Victories for Modi

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and a B.J.P. member, greeted supporters yesterday.

U.S. Navy Shoots Down Drones in Red Sea After Houthis Claim to Target Israeli Ships

The destroyer Carney near the Suez Canal in October, the same month it shot down drones and cruise missiles in the Red Sea.

U.S. Is Pressing Israel and Hamas to Resume Negotiations, Kirby Says

Photos of those who are believed to remain captive in Gaza on a wall in Jerusalem on Sunday.

With Big State Victories, Modi Expands His Dominance in India

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, is greeted by supporters in Bhopal, India, on Sunday.

Maduro’s Vote to Annex Territory From Guyana Is Seen as a Diversion

A mural of the Venezuelan map, with the Guyanese territory of Essequibo included, last week in Caracas, Venezuela.

Ukrainian Refugees in Germany Weigh Tough Choice: Stay or Go Home

The decommissioned Tegel airport in Berlin is a first stop for many Ukrainians arriving in Germany. About 3,000 are housed in large white halls close to a former runway.

Munich Airport Resumes Operations After Major Snowfall

Munich’s closed airport after heavy snowfall hit Bavaria on Saturday.

Explosion at Catholic Mass in Philippines Kills 4 and Injures Dozens

Police investigators on Sunday at the site of an explosion at Mindanao State University in the south Philippine city of Marawi.

Paris Knife Attack Leaves One Dead and Others Injured

Near the Bir-Hakeim Bridge in Paris after a man armed with a knife and a hammer attacked people, killing a German tourist.

Freed Israeli Hostages Give Tel Aviv Protesters Hope for Those in Captivity

Yelena Trupanob, right, and her mother, Irena Tati, who were recently released from captivity in Gaza, appearing at a rally in Tel Aviv on Saturday. Ms. Trupanob’s son, Sasha, is still being held hostage in Gaza.

Harris Says U.S. Strongly Opposes ‘Forced Relocation of Palestinians From Gaza’

Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip had been announced as climate-related, but she spent far more time talking with Arab leaders about the Israel-Hamas war.

Israeli Intelligence Errors Over Hamas Attack Plan Prompt Scrutiny, but Little Backlash

A house at a kibbutz in southern Israel that was overrun by Hamas fighters on Oct. 7.

U.S. Expels Ex-Chile Army Officer to Face Charges in Killing of Víctor Jara

Pedro Barrientos, center, was deported from the United States to Chile on Friday, after being charged with the torture and killing of the folk singer Víctor Jara in 1973.

7.6-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Philippines but Tsunami Warnings Are Lifted

Israel Orders Evacuations Amid ‘Intense’ Attacks on Southern Gaza

Palestinians fled their homes in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday.

Why Don’t We Dance More?

Canada Fast-Tracks 10.4 Billion Dollar Military Purchase

U.S. Navy Poseidon planes at a base in Japan.

Israelis Are Angry at Netanyahu, but Replacing Him Is Difficult

A woman writes on a poster in Tel Aviv depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and pictures of hostages seized by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Tracing the Deep Roots of Ireland’s Support for Palestinians

A pro-Palestinian mural in Dublin last month. Ireland’s support for Palestinian civilians is rooted in what many see as a shared history of colonialism.

Crossing the Dnipro: What a Ukrainian Military Operation Might Mean

Ukrainian soldiers on the shores of the Dnipro River at the front line near Kherson in October.

He Won Election to Canada’s Parliament. Did China Help?

Han Dong, speaking in February and elected to Canada’s Parliament in 2019 as a member of the Liberal Party, is the subject of an investigation into Chinese election interference.

At COP28, More Than 20 Nations Pledge to Triple Nuclear Capacity

President Emmanuel Macron of France at the United Nations climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Saturday. He said nuclear power was an “indispensable solution” in efforts to curb climate change.

Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate

Tucked in its new rules to curb methane emissions, the E.P.A. set a new social cost for carbon, a number almost four times its previous amount: $190 a ton.

After Watching 10 Migrants Die at Sea, He Now Pleads: ‘Stay’

Southern Gaza girds for the war’s next phase.

Mourning relatives in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, on Friday.

Japan to Limit Unusual Baby Names

Yuuki Matsumoto, formerly Yuni, at his residence in Yokohama, Japan.

Cindy McCain, Head of World Food Program, Faces Staff Revolt Over Gaza Conflict

Cindy McCain, the director of the United Nation’s World Food Program, was appointed to her role earlier this year.

A protester self-immolates outside the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta.

Emergency personnel outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta on Friday.

Henri Lopes, 86, Who Straddled Literature and Politics in Africa, Dies

With the End of the Cease-Fire, Concern Grows Over the Oldest Israeli Hostages Left Behind

Ditza Heiman, 84, on Tuesday in an ambulance at the Sheba Medical Center after arriving on an Israeli army helicopter. She was part of a group of hostages released this week.

Freed Palestinians Were Mostly Young and Not Convicted of Crimes

Israel Resumes Offensive in Gaza Strip After Truce With Hamas Ends

Palestinians mourned relatives on Friday at a funeral in Khan Younis, in Gaza’s south.

At P.S.G., a Coach’s Vision Collides With a Star’s Power

Kylian Mbappé, now P.S.G.’s unquestioned king.

Some Freed Hostages Are Now Learning of Loved Ones’ Deaths

Blinken Blames Hamas for Breaking Truce With Israel

Secretary of State Antony Blinken before departing from Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai on Friday.

Alleged Plot to Kill Sikh Separatist Highlights Thorn in India’s Side

Members of the Sikh community protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India in Washington in 2020.

Israel’s Next Aim Is Southern Gaza. U.S. Urges Restraint.

Israeli soldiers on the grounds of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City last month.

Thief in Australia Steals Truck With 10,000 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Surging U.S. Oil Production Brings Down Prices and Raises Climate Fears

U.S. oil producers are cranking out a record 13.2 million barrels a day, more than Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The truce broke down over the details of further hostage and prisoner exchanges, Israeli officials say.

Smoke rising from Gaza while Israeli soldiers stand near the border with Gaza, in Israel, on Friday.

Russia Extends Detention of U.S. Journalist Alsu Kurmasheva

Alsu Kurmasheva, center, an editor at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, at a court hearing in Kazan, Russia, on Friday. Her detention was extended to Feb. 5.

Israel had a blueprint for the Oct. 7 attacks a year ago. Officials dismissed it.

Hamas-led gunmen seized an Israeli military vehicle after infiltrating areas of southern Israel during the Oct. 7 attacks. A blueprint for similar attacks was circulating among Israeli leaders long before Hamas struck.